New York is on the brink of passing a bill to power our state with 100% renewable energy – but we need to push it over the finish line together.

The Climate and Community Protection Act (CCPA; A8270A / S7971A) has passed the Assembly for three years and currently has a bi-partisan majority of support in the Senate. If the CCPA were voted on, it would pass. But State Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan isn’t letting Senators take a vote. 

Join New Yorkers statewide to demand that Senator Flanagan calls a vote on the Climate and Community Protection Act (CCPA) before the legislative session ends on June 20!

Enter your name and the number of a cell or touch-tone phone on this page and you’ll be called right back.

You'll hear a brief recorded message with tips and instructions, then you'll be patched through to Senator Flanagan’s office when you press 1. Prefer to call yourself? Dial (518) 241-4793 to get connected.

You should give Senator Flanagan a simple message:

“Do the right thing. Allow a vote on the Climate and Community Protection Act before session ends.”

Remember to state your name, what part of the state you’re from, and tell Senator Flanagan to let the Senate vote on the CCPA. That's it! Thanks for calling and let's #PassTheCCPA – ask friends and family to call, too.