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Job Openings

Please see the two below job openings in the realm of communications and digital organizing. The first position is more of a full-time role embedded with the NY Renews coalition as a whole, while the second listing is a request for proposals from specialized firms/consultants who can provide laser-focused support on winning a legislative campaign in Albany over the next 5 months, particularly when it comes to traditional media. Please send any questions about either position to arnoldo@nyrenews.org. Please note that the deadline for the Communications Associate position applicatio is February 8, while the firm/consultant RFP is due on February 5. Thank you for your interest.

1) Communications Associate

Salaried position with benefits, for initial contract from around February to September (flexible timeline; see end for more detail). Apply by February 8, 2019.

About NY Renews:

NY Renews is an unprecedented statewide coalition fighting for groundbreaking climate policies grounded in equity and justice for communities and working people. Spurred by Superstorm Sandy, the People’s Climate March, and the urgent need for state climate leadership under the current federal administration, NY Renews is campaigning to pass an ambitious legislative platform in the next two years ensuring New York makes a rapid and equitable transition to 100% renewable energy, funded by a fee on corporate climate polluters. The coalition brings together more than 150 community-based organizations, environmental justice groups, labor unions, faith groups, business leaders, and other advocates. For more information, visit nyrenews.org.

We seek a talented, proactive, and dedicated Communications Associate to staff our campaign alongside our Coalition Organizer and Campaign Coordinator. This is an opportunity to work with a huge diversity of partners on one of the most exciting climate and equity campaigns in the country.

Job responsibilities:
The Communications Associate will be responsible for leading on several areas of communications work with support from the organizing staff and members of the communications committee (made up of coalition members). We seek an excellent writer and communicator who is particularly comfortable with digital tools and is used to thinking with a campaign/community organizing mindset. The following are examples of what typical responsibilities in each area of work may look like --

  • Internal communications & coordination:

    • Chairing a biweekly ‘communications committee’ call with participants from our member organizations

    • Creating systems to track relationships and capacity within the coalition; for example, press relationships held by coalition members, contact information for communications staff at our member organizations, etc.

    • Working with the organizer and coordinator to make sure coalition members are updated on major developments, accomplishments, opportunities for action, etc.

    • Creating basic materials (fliers, summaries, slide decks, etc) for use by organizers

  • Press:

    • Drafting press releases, soliciting quotes from coalition members, etc. during moments of action and in response to developing news events

    • Keeping a running calendar of press-worthy moments and proactively proposing ideas of how to uplift the narrative of our campaign work in the media

    • Tracking press hits and opposition press narratives

    • Maintaining a list of spokespeople to connect with media outlets to share our story

    • Leading the drive to get Letters to the Editor submitted for our campaign

    • Working with other staff and coalition members to build stronger relationships with members of the press

  • Digital organizing/external communications:

    • Regularly reaching out to our supporters on our Action Network list, including creating digital calls-to-action (via Phone2Action, New/Mode, etc) and optimizing for retention and conversion

    • Keeping our website up-to-date and action-oriented

  • Social media:

    • Creating and sharing content for our Twitter and Facebook presence; engaging with and growing our audiences -- includes creation of basic visual content

    • Creating shareable content for our coalition partners to use/share in moments of action


  • (Required) Prior experience working on traditional and/or digital media in a campaign/community organizing setting

  • Prior experience working with digital organizing platforms that move supporters to take action (driving calls, petition signatures, donations, etc)

  • Basic graphic design skills and familiarity with best practices of creating content for and building audiences on social platforms

  • (Preferred) Familiarity with our core tools (Action Network, Squarespace, ActBlue, Canva) and ability to learn new tech tools/platforms and apply them to organizing

  • (Preferred) Prior experience in the environmental/climate movement and comfort with tailoring our message to different audiences

  • (Preferred) Knowledge of NY political landscape and communities

  • (Preferred) Bilingual in English & Spanish

We expect that everyone on the NY Renews team:

  • Has a passion and determination to win on climate change legislation in the upcoming legislative session, coupled with a fierce commitment to social, economic, racial, and climate justice

  • Is highly proactive; exceptional ability to juggle multiple, simultaneous projects with cross-cutting stakeholders and deadlines, without sacrificing attention to detail

  • Is able to foster genuine working relationships of trust and solidarity with a wide variety of partners from different backgrounds

NYC preferred but open to remote for the right candidate; must be located in New York State

Salary & contract length
Annual Salary of $60,000-$70,000 dependent on experience, prorated for the length and duration of contract. Position includes health benefits, with an initial contract from estimated start date in late February to September with potential to renew.

To apply please email your resume, cover letter (attached with 3-5 professional references), and two writing samples to arnoldo@nyrenews.org by EOD on February 8, 2019. Subject Line must read “Communications Associate - Complete”. OR apply at this form.

Veterans, people of color, women, non-binary, and LGBTQIA+ candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

2) Request for Proposals: NY Renews Communications Consultant

NY Renews (NYR) seeks proposals from strategic communications consultants or firms to develop and implement a winning communications strategy to pass the Climate and Community Protection Act and build support for the Climate and Community Investment Act.

Please submit an electronic copy of your complete proposal by 5:00 pm on February 5, 2019 to arnoldo@nyrenews.org. We expect to evaluate proposals and make a selection within 2 weeks following the proposal deadline. Thank you for your interest.

NY Renews:

NY Renews is a multi-sector, multiracial coalition of more than 160 community, labor, faith-based, environmental justice and environmental groups across New York State fighting to pass major climate / jobs / justice legislation in the 2019 NY State legislative session. We came together three years ago to develop, propose and organize for ambitious policies that would make New York a national leader in tackling the climate crisis while protecting workers, families and communities. We believe climate solutions should enhance the well-being of people, rather than undermine them, . We use a “Just Transition” frame to describe a transition to a renewable energy future that supports the workers and communities that would be most impacted.

Our Legislative Goals and Platform

  • NYR is working to pass the Climate and Community Protection Act (CCPA) during the 2019 regular legislative session.

  • The CCPA has passed the Assembly each of the last three years with increasing majorities (in 2018, 99 – 31), but despite sponsorship by a majority of senators, the Senate’s previous leadership never allowed a vote on the bill.

  • With the support of the Senate’s new leadership, as well as many newly-elected Senators, we expect the bill will be given serious consideration in the 2019 legislative session. We expect strong opposition from some major and well-funded business and special interests, and anticipate a fight to get the bill across the finish line.

The Climate and Community Protection Act (CCPA)…

  • Commits New York to full decarbonization, by setting Governor Cuomo’s existing renewable standards (such as 50% by 2030) into law and going further to establish a goal of powering all sectors of the New York economy with 100% renewable sources by 2050

  • Allocates at least 40% of state energy funding to historically disenfranchised and environmentally vulnerable communities

  • Attaches high-road labor and contracting standards to renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that receive state funding

In addition to the CCPA, the coalition has drafted the Climate and Community Investment Act (CCIA), groundbreaking legislation that would dramatically scale up a Just Transition off of fossil fuels, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs, while protecting workers and the state’s most vulnerable communities. We are proposing $7 billion dollars of new investment per year, paid for by a fee on both greenhouse gas pollution and local pollutants that impact the health of people in communities around the state. We are in discussions with legislative allies about introduction of this legislation this session.

NYR communications goals

The NY Renews Media Committee has developed four communications goals:

Goal #1: Increase visibility for CCPA, CCIA, and NY Renews both within New York State and nationally to influence the legislature and Governor to embrace and pass the proposals. Increase editorial support from major newspapers and other news outlets. Increase social media buzz to engage our supporters, build our base, and influence decision makers.

Goal #2: Impact the national discussion of large-scale climate solutions, by placing articles/op-eds, etc. in national mass-market and progressive media. Establish the CCPA as a nation-leading model for combining the message of climate, jobs, and justice, (including topics such as the Green New Deal and carbon tax proposals.

Goal #3: Develop messaging to respond to opposition attacks and establish the right mechanism for a coordinated, inclusive, and robust rapid response action team.

Goal #4: Influence foundations, large net-worth individuals, thinkers, and opinion leaders to support, and participate in, the development and execution of NY Renews’ groundbreaking work.

Scope of Work

Project Overview

The successful communications consultant/firm will propose a convincing, feasible and streamlined strategy for achieving NYR’s communications goals.

The project scope includes the following:

  • Develop a communications /marketing strategy and maintain a detailed project plan that describes the full scope of work in which the consultant/firm is engaged

  • Facilitate NYR’s refinement of our communications goals, key audience, messages, and tactics

  • Place stories and Op-Eds in local media across the state and nationally, especially major outlets such as the NY Times

  • Arrange meetings of NYR Steering Committee members with editorial boards of major media outlets;

  • Prep NYR members for media outreach: provide talking points, check-ins, and follow-ups;

  • Evaluate and provide feedback on NYR website. Expand and maintain website

  • Expand NYR social media reach and impact

  • Advise on video production and work collaboratively with partners to create clips/segments that support communications messaging/goals/audiences

  • Provide regular written updates to the coalition’s Media Committee.


The applicant must have proven experience and success implementing communications strategies to win New York State legislative or policy campaigns.

Experience with environmental and social justice campaigns. Collaborating with environmental and social justice organizations; statewide campaigns; think thanks, and/or coalition and non-profit community-based organizations, coalitions and/or nonprofit community based organizations is a plus.

Cost-conscious and within the NY Renews budgeted allowance of up to $5,000/month.

Contract Period

Five months, with an expected start date of February, 2019, with potential for extension based on performance and budget.

Reporting Requirements

The successful bidder will report to the Media Committee and coordinate with NY Renews staff.

Location/Performance of Services

The consultant will perform services at their own offices.


Your response to this RFP should fire up the NY Renews review committee, and inspire us with its goals and clear pathway to win. All responses must include the following:

Individual/Agency Description and qualifications

  • Include contact name, email, and phone number

  • Description of your agency including its approach/philosophy, position in marketplace, strongest capabilities, or service niches.

  • If the applicant is a firm, organization structure: office locations, number of employees.

  • Client list

  • Bio(s) of consultant(s) to work on this project.

Proposed Work Scope

  • Provide a narrative describing your proposed approach to this project and a project timeline.

  • Proposed Fee Structure

  • Include rate, proposed fee structure, project budget and budget narrative.

RFP Response

An electronic copy of your complete proposal must be received by arnoldo@nyrenews.org no later than 5:00 pm on February 5, 2019.

It is expected that the evaluation of proposals and selection of the contractor will be complete within 2 weeks following the proposal deadline.