Trump’s Climate Threats Become Reality

For Immediate Release: January 24, 2017

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Dan Sherrell (NY Renews): 732-589-2412

Statement from NY Renews coalition


“Less than one week after his swearing-in, President Trump has begun to follow through on his threats to our climate, public health, and environment. New York cannot let this stand. During the historic women’s march – in which climate action and justice were a significant platform – Governor Cuomo published an OPED which states, “It is time for states to use the legal powers they have to protect the rights of all their constituents…”

We agree. He should turn his climate change aspirations into action with enactment of the Climate and Community Protection Act. Anyone who thought we could take a wait-and-see approach on the Trump Administration’s climate agenda just got a rude awakening: Today, he stated his desire to redo Obama-era decisions to halt two massive fossil fuel projects that are disastrous for our climate, and speaking to the auto industry, set his sights on rolling back life-saving public health protections carried out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Yesterday, he imposed a freeze on EPA grants and contracts, disrupting critical efforts such as clean air and water testing and cutting funds that state agencies rely on, among other measures. During his inauguration, all references to climate change were wiped from the White House website and replaced with his dirty fuel agenda.

It will only get worse for New Yorkers. Since Governor Cuomo says his administration is about action, not talk, it’s now time to walk the talk on climate and lead the nation with passage of the Climate and Community Protection Act!”


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Elizabeth Miller