NYS Senate Leadership Blocking Renewables Bill with Majority Support

Despite Bipartisan Majority Support, Climate and Community Protection Act (S7971A) Shut Out in Senate

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JUNE 13, 2018 -- A bipartisan majority of 32 Senate sponsors should mean a piece of legislation passes the New York Senate. Especially when those 32 sponsors are joined by over 150 leaders of different faiths, over 160 NY municipal leaders, a coalition of 140+ organizations statewide, and the NYS Assembly who has overwhelmingly passed this same legislation (A8270A) for the past three years.

Unfortunately, one man, Senate Leader John Flanagan, stands in the way of a bill that commits the state to reaching 100% renewable energy production by 2050, with built-in labor standards for clean energy projects and directed investment in historically disadvantaged communities.

In calling for an immediate vote on the Climate and Community Protection Act (S.7971A), NY Renews, a coalition of over 140 labor, community, environmental, and environmental justice organizations across the state, released the following statement:

“With one week until session is scheduled to end, Senate Leader Flanagan has a choice to make. He can choose to stand with faith and municipal leaders, labor and community groups, and environmental justice advocates across the state. He can honor the will of the people AND a bipartisan majority of his colleagues by allowing the Climate and Community Protection Act to come to the Senate floor for a vote.

Or Senator Flanagan can again give into dysfunction and continue to do nothing.

We can’t wait any longer. With more than $33 billion in public health costs and at least 4,000 deaths annually in New York State associated with the burning of fossil fuels, the time to move to renewable energy is now. We must take this opportunity to create thousands of new jobs and protect the health of our communities by passing this legislation.

We call on Senator Flanagan to schedule a vote on the Climate and Community Protection Act before the end of session.”


Dan Sherrell