Long Island Climate Change Hearing: Long Islanders Testify for Climate Justice Legislation

February 15, 2019

Ryan Madden | rmadden@lipc.org | 914-924-3970
Daniela Lapidous | daniela@nyrenews.org | 408-505-8010

Mineola, Long Island -- Today marks the third legislative hearing that the New York State Senate is holding on climate change, following two others held in Albany and New York City. The Long Island hearing, led by Environmental Conservation Committee Chair Senator Todd Kaminsky, will be held today at the Theodore Roosevelt Executive and Legislative Building starting at 10:00am.

Members of NY Renews -- a statewide coalition of over 160 organizations fighting for climate policies grounded in equity and justice for communities and working people -- plan to testify today in support of the Climate and Community Protection Act (CCPA).

The CCPA establishes aggressive mandates to ensure New York’s economy is powered by 100% clean, renewable energy in the next 30 years; thereby significantly reducing climate pollution that harms our public health, environment, and economy. The bill sets a clear plan and accountable mandates for doing so equitably across all sectors of the economy, prioritizing climate and environmental justice and the creation of good, sustainable jobs across the state.

Selected testimony to be delivered today by NY Renews members and supporters of the Climate and Community Protection Act:

"Climate change has wrought personal and financial devastation on the residents of Long Island resulting in the loss of lives, homes and jobs. As we transition from fossil fuel based energy to renewable energy, we must make sure that the jobs created, are good paying union jobs with proper training, for both new workers and transitioning workers. The New York State Climate and Community Protection Act will help make that happen."

Mike Gendron, Executive Vice President
Communication Workers of America Local 1108


“At this time of planetary degradation and aware of the needs of the New York State bioregion, we strongly call on all of our elected officials to address and mitigate the impacts of climate change in NYS by passing the New York State Climate and Community Protection Act. May those who come after us know us for the challenges we were willing to meet in the 21st century. May they talk about our legislative bodies as those who had their finest hour because they had the foresight and commitment to both Earth and humanity.”

Sister Karen Burke, Coordinator of Land Initiatives
Sister of St. Joseph


“The countless stories I could tell you would take all day, but we have hope if we begin to understand how the Climate and Community Protection Act would help people who are impacted by the devastation of climate change. This law will improve our health and wellness and help build economic stability.”

Mimi Pierre-Johnson, President / CEO
The Elmont Cultural Center


“In NYS we have a solution to reorient ourselves and to tackle the climate crisis with the urgency and justice it demands - a solution that will serve as a model to other states. That solution is the Climate and Community Protection Act. This is a transformative bill that changes the logic of our economic and governance systems, the only appropriate response to the threats posed by climate change and the structural forces that have caused it.”

Ryan Madden, Sustainability Organizer
Long Island Progressive Coalition


"Young people throughout New York State understand that they will bear the burden of climate change impacts during their lifetimes if we don't act now. Our Climate student leaders are stepping up to urge their elected officials to make climate change a top priority during the 2019 legislative session. New York State Senators and Assembly Members can do that by passing the Climate and Community Protection Act."

Nicole Crescimanno, NYS Director
Our Climate


“The CCPA sets ambitious goals for carbon emissions reduction and for the transitioning of our state energy system to 100% renewable generation, while achieving important environmental justice goals of inclusion and economic growth for all the state’s communities and citizens.The long fight for just climate action that so many of us have fought for for so long, now appears to be bringing our state government together.”

Lynn Meyer, NYS Co-Coordinator
Citizens Climate Lobby


“The CCPA is not about solving the world’s climate crisis. It’s about New York doing its momentous part to make a difference and lead by example. Throughout our union’s history, in the face of Federal inaction, individual states have led and changed the course of American history for the abolition of slavery, human and civil rights, suffrage and environmental safeguards. Once again, NY State is at the crossroads of historical significance.”

Guy Jacob, Conservation Chair
Nassau Hiking & Outdoor Club


“I grew up outside of New York City and I have spent past four years on Long Island. I have witnessed the effects on climate change on our beaches with the impacts of sea level rise, erosion, and intensified weather all reducing our shorelines. Climate change is affecting one of the many things that make Long Island beautiful. There is no doubt in my mind that we must act now with CCPA to combat climate change and to ensure a green future.”

Karim Hanna, Climate Fellow
Our Climate


“Here on Long Island, climate change threatens our way of life - our homes, our beaches, our communities and our future. But we are Strong Island, and we will stand up to protect our homes, our families and our communities. It is the right thing to do, and the smart thing to do. We must defend our way of life, and that means supporting the CCPA, which will commit our state to taking action against climate change, and defending our way of life.  

Cathy McConnell, Wildlife Biologist, LIPC Leader
Long Island Progressive Coalition


Dan Sherrell