It’s going to take all of us to pass unprecedented climate policies in New York that create jobs, ensure justice, and improve equity. Want to help us make history? Here's how:

This letter is for current or former elected officials at the local/municipal/county level in New York.

Download the letter here and ask your local town council members, county executive, or mayor to sign on, either online by clicking the button above, or by following the instructions on the back of the paper letter. 


Sign this petition to call on the Governor and the Legislature to take visionary climate action, and get invites to campaign actions, call-in days, legislative outreach, and training webinars. 

Download the paper petition here. Bring it to your local farmer’s market, worship service, or organizing meeting and get members of your community to sign on. Enter the information into an excel spreadsheet and email to to make sure it gets collected. 


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