It’s going to take all of us to pass unprecedented climate policies in New York that center jobs, justice, and equity. You, your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, we need everyone weighing in with their state legislators. We are the change we've been waiting for. Want to help us make history? Start by indicating the amount of time you can spend on the campaign.


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Politicians feel the most pressure to act when they have voting constituents like you calling, writing, rallying, and showing up—demanding climate justice now! That means we need everyone calling on their state legislators and the Governor to take visionary action to combat the climate crisis, create jobs, protect workers, and support frontline communities. Use this action page to get step-by-step instructions for a variety of action steps you can take, regardless of where you live in New York State. It takes less time than you think!

10 minutes per week

Looking for a place to get started? Here are two ways you can have a real impact with just a few minutes a week:

  • Call Your Reps: This is one of the fastest, most impactful and surprisingly easy way to help change public policy. Check out this guide for tips on what to say. If you know your rep's name or your district number, you can find their phone number in this spreadsheet. Don't know either? Click the "Find My Reps" button below.
  • Email Your Reps: Not a phone person? We get it. Personalized emails that flood your reps' inboxes with messages about the issues you care about is way more powerful than signing a petition. Here's a template you can use to craft your email.


1 hour per week

Ready to do a bit more? Great! Here are some ideas and templates to make an even greater impact:

  • Write Your Newspaper: Flex those strong, concise communication skills! If you have a bent for writing, express it in a letter to the editor. Check out this guide for tips on what to write.

3 hours per week

Want to take it to the next level? Here are some ideas on how you can be a leader in your community, including getting others involved in the cause.

  • Organize an Advocacy Party: This is a great idea for those skilled at hosting social gatherings, or those who want to get others involved. Parties can range from letter writing to phone banking. We created this guide to help you prepare. Plus we put together this handy list that has all the names and contact info for NY State reps and their previous stance on our CCPA legislation.
  • Appeal To Your Rep at an Event: Elected officials regularly host events like town halls in your neighborhood. Speaking out at one of these events can make a huge impact, but it's better if you've prepared when and what you're going to say. Here's a guide we created just for this.
  • Attend An Event Near You: Get ready to protest, lobby, gather, march and make your voice heard. We regularly post events on our Facebook page: simply Like our page, Share our events on your wall, and bring your friends to attend! 


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